The Bethel’s are a team of three ladies that are devoted
to uplifting the life changing power of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.  Donna Bethel Fontaine, Deanna Bethel
Morgan and Wendy Fontaine Showalter have all
grown up playing and singing gospel music. We have
been called to represent the Gospel in song and
testimony and are so honored, privileged, and humbled
that God would allow us to work and serve Him in this

We traveled and sang for several years, then, in May of
2011 we felt God would have us put a hold on our
music ministry. Although we did not understand and it
saddened us, we obeyed what we felt God would have
us to do.  Sometimes in life it’s very hard to stop doing
the things you think you need to be doing, and love to
do, but we knew that we must learn to trust God in the
direction that He would have for us.    

Just as God has a plan for your life we also knew that
He had a plan for us.  Little did we know the things
that each of us would face in the next four years, but
God knew all along and prepared the way for our
journey.  We can all three say that the last years of our
lives have been very challenging, but we feel that
nothing we have gone through will be wasted.  We
have learned more through the storms of life than we
could have ever learned in the best college in the land.

God has taught us so many things and it is with great
excitement and expectation that we feel He has
released us into a new and fresh time in our lives.  We
know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has called
us back into this ministry that we love so dearly.  Daily
He is giving us confirmation that we are still going in
the direction that He has planned for us.  

As we are prayerfully choosing each song and asking
God’s anointing on our lives, we are so looking forward
to being with old acquaintances as well as new ones.  
We believe strongly in the power of prayer and it is
our prayer that we will always be sensitive to the
leading of the Holy Spirit.  

The Bethel’s are excited to provide you with  music
and testimonies that will bless, encourage and soothe
your heart and soul.
The Bethels have always been a family group and
remain so today. There has always been something
special about the blending of voices from the same
genetic family. The Bethels have captured that unique
and special harmony in their renditions.

Although they seek to please their audiences with a
variety of gospel styles, their personal favorite is
Southern Gospel.

The current group consists of Donna Bethel Fontaine,
Deanna Bethel Morgan, and Wendy Showalter (who is
Donna's daughter Deanna's niece).

The Bethels have recorded two CD projects titled
Come And Sing & I Still Believe. Some of their most
popular songs have been What A Gathering, He Chose
This Valley and Fall Towards Calvary.
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