Hope things are going well with you!  

I’m Deanna Bethel Morgan and I am the official
“bass” singer for the group. I’m so delighted that
these two wonderful girls allow me to sing with
them. After all, what’s a group without a bass

Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets
boring, so I go back to being me. As you can
probably tell I love to have fun. It is my belief
that no one can have as much fun as a Christian.
We have the best things to look forward to. One
day very soon we will behold the very things we
have lived our whole lives for, and that makes me
very happy! I’m so thankful that one day the
truth of the gospel moved from my mind to my
heart. I have found that a meaningful life is not
in being rich, popular or highly educated; but
being real, humble and being able to share
ourselves and touch the lives of others.

It is my prayer that God will use me to say
something so small that it just fits right into the
empty place of your heart. I know in my personal
walk with the Lord, more than ever, I want to
draw closer to Him. I want God to show His
Glory in everything that I do and say. What a
privilege we have to be able to serve the King of

I perhaps have the best husband in the whole
world! What a wonderful Christian life Kenny
has displayed to me for 40 years now. Almost
every morning of our lives he has been up at 4:00
praying and seeking God. He also has awesome
dish washing skills that I am very thankful for.
We have two sons, Kenan and Kory. Kenan is
married to our “daughter-in-law” Amy and they
have the most precious child ever born to
mankind which would be my grandson. Kole is 8
years old and already loves Jesus. He has such a
sweet spirit and I pray every day that God will
keep him and continue to use him in a very  
special way.  

More than anything I want folks to know that I
truly live and believe what I sing about and I
want to share hope and encouragement through
the things that God has taught me.

Hope to see you soon!