Hello and welcome to our website.

My name is Wendy Showalter and I am the
daughter and niece to my co-singers. It is an
honor to get to sing with two women who have
made such an impact on my life.

I have been singing as long as I can remember.
My parents were members of the original Bethel
Family Group and started me out at the age of
three. I am very humble about the talents God
has given me and they have grown over the
years. I love the moments when I am like a
puppet on strings and God is controlling the
strings! People often tell me that they can feel
the anointing when I sing. That is the greatest
compliment and all that matters to me.

I am a single mom to three great kids... Lane,
Kailey, and Karly. Things have not always been
easy. Life has definitely not gone as planned but
I am more than a conquerer through Jesus
Christ and I am very blessed. I know God has
something great in store for me.

The Lord has placed in my heart the desire to
witness and spread the gospel through music.
My ultimate goal in life is to reach individuals
who do not know Jesus as their personal savior.
Even at my darkest time God has always been
there and I could not have made it without Him.